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Assess the furniture with mineral spirits

Furniture Restoration Guys offers furniture restoration procedurally to ensure we dint spoil the furniture or break it. Furniture Restoration Guys takes the furniture restoration process in a systematic way to ensure everything comes out perfectly. Beforeany repairs or touch-up, wipe on mineral spirits to help decide what your next steps should be. The mineral spirits temporarily saturates the finish to reveal how the piece of furniture will look with nothing more than a coat of wipe-on clear finish. If it looks good, all you have to do is clean the surface and apply an oil-based wipe-on finish. If the surface looks bad even when wetted with mineral spirits, you’ll have to take other measures to restore the furniture to its normal and original form.


Furniture cleaning

A thorough cleaning is an important first step in any furniture restoration process. Removing decades of dirt and grime often restores much of the original luster. Washing is done with liquid Ivory dish soap mixed with water. Mix in the same proportion you would to wash dishes. Dip a sponge into the solution, wring it out, and use it to gently scrub the surface. A paintbrush works great for cleaning carvings and moldings. When you’re done scrubbing with the soapy water, rinse the surface with a wrung-out sponge and clear water. Then dry it with a clean towel.


Fixing white rings

Furniture Restoration Guys has also has experience in removing White rings. First, slather the ring with petroleum jelly and let it sit overnight. The oil from the petroleum jelly will often penetrate the finish and remove the ring or at least make it less visible. If this procedure doesn’t work customers can always purchase products specifically made for the purpose of removing rings at Furniture Restoration Guys.

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Furniture Restoration

We then do Scraping without damaging the furniture, Paint spatters are common on old furniture, and most of the time you can remove them easily without damaging the finish. Most old furniture will have some missing parts which happened due to breakage this is restored by replacing the missing wood with epoxy putty. To use this type of epoxy, you slice off a piece with a razor blade or utility knife and knead it in your gloved hand. When the two parts are completely blended to a consistent color and the epoxy putty starts to get sticky, it’s ready to use. You’ll have about five or 10 minutes to apply the epoxy to the repair before it starts to harden. That’s why you should only slice off as much as you can use quickly. After the epoxy hardens completely, which usually takes a few hours, you can sand and stain the repair.

Blend the repair into the surrounding veneer by painting on gel stain to match the color and pattern of the existing grain. You could use stain touch-up markers, Choose two colors of stain that match the light and dark areas of the wood. Put a dab of both on a scrap of wood and create a range of colors by blending a bit of the two. After all this has been done the small cracks are filled with colored wax fill sticks which can easily be purchased at Furniture Restoration Guys. When this is done your furniture is restored to the original glory,

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